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"Dear James Gordy" - Motown Limited Print

Dear James Gordy.jpg
Dear James Gordy
by: Mikhaella
2019 Motown Mic
Spoken Word
Artist of the Year
Winning Poem
Published by 
Broadside Lotus Press
Detroit's oldest
Black owned
publisher of poetry
& literary works
Limited Availability
Only 44 copies
-8.5x11 print
-Premium Stock Paper
-Border around poem
-Detroit Skyline border
-Broadside Lotus Press
official stamp border
Print Only
Framed Print
& Autograph

"Dear James Gordy"

Dear James Gordy is Mikhaella Norwood's winning 2019 Motown Mic piece that made her the Spoken Word artist of the year for 2 years running! Artistically putting to words the little known fact that Motown great, Berry Gordy, is cousins with past President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, this poem takes you through the twists and turns of what it means for two racially different families to emerge from one bloodline due to slavery. Written from Berry Gordy, Jr.'s perceived point of view, Norwood pens what she imagines a letter from Berry would be to his great grandfather, slave-owner James Gordy. 

Published by Broadside Lotus Press, the oldest Black publisher of poetry and literary works in Detroit, and with the Detroit skyline overlooking the border of the print, this historic 8.5x11in art is perfect for Detroit and Motown lovers everywhere! Buy a print for $20 or get it autographed and framed for $30. There are only 44 copies in total, so get yours today!  

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