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So This is...STILL 2016

Welcome to the month of DECEMBER, Freebies!

It's hard to believe that we have made it all the way to the end of 2016 already. For some of us, this year has been the best year of our lives! For others, this year feels like it's dragged on and will never end just because of the difficulties within it. Yet for ALL of us, it is still 2016, which is something that should encourage you to know. What do I mean by the phrase "still 2016"?...

Just a month ago, I had the privilege to read a dear friend's status on Facebook, posted at the beginning of November, and it read: "There are still 2 more months of 2016, it's NOT OVER! These could be a pivotal and LIFE CHANGING 7 weeks, you don't know! Believe God until the end! It's never too late for God to show up!"

Today, with only one month left in the calendar year, I echo the same sentiment. When I found this status, to be honest, it was a wake up call for me because it made me realize that I had virtually given up on 2016 already and started setting my sights to 2017. Through the difficulties and challenges that came with the most recent months, I relegated my success and my dreams and visions of walking in my destiny, to 2017. I figured that nothing much could happen with only 7 weeks left in the year. The funny thing was, this state of feeling that there was nothing to look forward to within this year, wasn't even a state of sadness. It didn't come with any emotion at all, it was more just a "matter of fact", something I had unknowingly just accepted as true without a fight. Yet, not only is that not a matter of fact, it's actually an outright lie! How the enemy would LOVE to draw you into a place where you are no longer expectant; a place where you put off your faith for next year when the Bible always talks about faith being a "now" thing. Unwittingly, I had already begun praying over my 2017, declaring it to be the best year of my life, differing my faith and hope into it, while still living in 2016! Well, after reading my friend's FB status, that changed!

If you can relate to this, I hope this can serve as your wakeup call too to believe and dream again. Remember who your God is: He is the God of the impossible, the One who can do exceedingly abundantly, above all that you can ask or think! He is the God who has promised to be with you always - so if He is here with you right now, then expect great things to happen now! Yes, the year is winding down, but it is certainly not over yet. It reminds me of the Scripture where David says that he would've fainted unless he believed that he would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living - i.e.: He was determined to not have to wait until Heaven to experience the abundant blessings of God. In much the same way, we don't have to wait for a later day, expect to see the goodness of the Lord play out in this year. Two phrases that I always like to say are, "Why not you? Why not now?" and "Today, your entire life might change". Both of these phrases fill me with anticipation and expectation for the great. Maybe this has been an awesome year for you, GREAT! Keep pressing forward in belief that you haven't seen the half of it yet, and your latter shall be even greater! If this year has been hard for you, realize that the year is still progressing, and God is here for you now.

Since changing my mindset, many great things have happened. Wonderful doors have opened up, giving me a place to express my artistic gifts and feel appreciated for them. One door in particular...that is still in the process of opening (LOL)...if it plays out in the way that I hope and dream it will, would actually be completely life changing indeed. Should the door swing wide, nothing would be the same for me, in the most brilliant of ways! The funny thing about this particular door of opportunity, is that I found out about it on Thanksgiving day, and the progression of seeing where it goes will take me through December. Arguably, this opportunity that has presented itself, is hands down the biggest opportunity for me to walk in my artistic destiny that I've ever had in my life, and it's all developing in the year and months that I almost gave up on. I don't find that to be a coincidence! God is showing me so much about Himself through the timing of how life is panning out, and I'm still expectant even in this year. You should be too! Don't abort your dream at the last minute. Keep pressing until the end, Freebies, we've still got another full month to experience the goodness of the Lord in the land of 2016. Don't waste a second of it on unbelief, but rev up your faith even more so that you come into 2017 with some momentum already. Remember: It's NEVER too late :)

So this is...Still 2016,

Mikhaella Norwood

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