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So This is...OUR MONTH, A-Z

A for Africa

Where it all got started!

B for Black Panther

This movie has broken all sorts of box office records such as:

1. The 2nd best second weekend of all time

2. 3rd fastest domestic gross of all time

3. 5th highest grossing Marvel film...for now (will likely move up!)

4. 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, highest score for any comic-book superhero movie

C for Carter G. Woodson

Thanks be to this man for starting Black History Month; when it first started it was Negro History Week!

D for D.C.

I took a road trip to D.C. for my birthday weekend and had the privilege of visiting the newly opened NMAAHC! This is the largest museum dedicated to African American history in the world.

E for E.G.O.T

To date, there have only been 12 people who have joined the ranks of the E.G.O.T club - they've received an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award. The only black person to be part of this club, is none other than Whoopi Goldberg

F for Finer Womanhood

The last week of February and the entire month of March marks Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated's Finer Womanhood observance. I am grateful to be part of such an organization filled with FINER women!

G for Greek Life

Shoutout to the Divine Nine, the Historically Black Greek Lettered Organizations (BGLOs). Together, we strive to uplift scholarship, service, and love between each other and our communities.

H for Historically Black Colleges and Universities

HBCUs are pillars within the black community. Although I went to University of Michigan, my entire family - even back to my great grandparents - attended the HBCU Jackson State University! It runs through my veins and I am proud #TheeILove

I for Imani (Faith)

J for Justice

There is still much work to be done, and together we will fight for justice for all. This is a picture taken on the Diag at the University of Michigan highlighting my good friend William Royster.

K for Killmonger

He may have been the villain but...I still liked him. Heeeeyyyyy Michael *wink*

L for Lift Every Voice and Sing

Did you know James Weldon Johnson, the man who wrote our National Anthem, was a Sigma?

M for Magic

What is understood need not be explained.

N for Natural Hair

Speaking of natural hair, you should come to the new play that I'll be in at the end of March! It is all about black hair and the implications of it. Go to to purchase your tickets today!

O for Obamas

Oh #44, how we miss thee!

P for Peanuts

Did you know that George Washington Carver was also a Sigma?

Q for Queen

Check your history, there was life before slavery. We were kings and queens. Pure ROYALTY!

R for Issa Rae

S for Soul Food

Everyone who knows me knows that I'm not a huge fan of soul food, but I recognize the role it plays in the African American experience. Just don't eat too much - diabetes is nothing to play with!

T for Tubman

Harriet Tubman led many slaves to freedom throughout her life. Pictured above is her actual shawl, collected by the NMAAHC in D.C.!

U for Umoja (Unity)

We are stronger together.

V for Viola Davis

She is only one Grammy away from matching Whoopi to be in the E.G.O.T club. Can someone pay this woman what she's worth!?

W for Wakanda

This has indeed become our new handshake. Learn it now or forever hold your peace.

X for Malcolm X

He was assassinated during Black History Month of 1965.

Y for You

Thank YOU for being YOU! You add to our culture and the unfolding story of Black History Month with each day that you're alive.

Z for Zora Neale Hurston

Z is also for Zeta because this prolific writer was indeed, a Zeta :)

So This is...OUR MONTH, A-Z

Mikhaella Norwood

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