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(à la every Everest College commercial you've ever seen...)

So you're sitting at the house, wondering what to do. It's Saturday afternoon and life is passing you by. Then suddenly a great idea hits you - let's go on Facebook! Ahhhh, yes. Nonchalant mind numbing scrolling for hours on end is just what you need to get your mind off of the nothingness that is your day. This seems to be the perfect pastime; one could even say it's got a tinge of productivity to it. By "liking" Ashley's status about how she just got accepted into her dream law school, you have practiced the ancient art of celebrating others' achievements. By sharing Mo'Nique's newest viral video about #BoycottNetflix, you've enacted your revolutionary prowess without expressly showcasing whose side you're on. With each swipe of your finger, there's another person achieving something, venting their dirty laundry, in crisis mode, celebrating new life stages...and then there's you. You're caught in the haze of it all comparing your highs and lows and even your "middles" (need I remind you that it's still a lazy Saturday where your life closely resembles the beginning of an Everest College commercial). That's when the downward spiral begins.