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Introducing Blog Series: So This is Life...

Hey Freebies!

Welcome to my new blog series called So This is Life... Quite simply, just like the picture above shows, this blog will be a journey. As a recent graduate from the University of Michigan majoring in Spanish, I had two choices upon graduating: stick to the status quo (apply for a full time job, scrape my way through until I work my way up, and hopefully enjoy myself along the way...hopefully) OR dare to step into my Freelife. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking on a full-time job straight out of college, I have many friends still on bended knee waiting for their job to come through. There is nothing wrong with that just isn't the route that God has for me. During my senior year, as I sought my bestie Jesus Christ about His direction for my life, I felt He was telling me to NOT apply for full-time jobs. Now, no doubt, this was a hard pill to swallow. This meant that I would have to get comfortable with seeing all of my friend's Facebook status updates about how they just nailed their job interview or how they are moving to work with the likes of Google and J.P. Morgan & Chase. This meant being uncomfortable and living in a way that seemed unstable. BUT, this also meant having all of the time in the world to pursue my dreams, my real passions, the reasons for my existence: the arts!

The arts for me takes on a variety of different avenues (as you can probably see from the rest of my website) but I am deeply in love with each gift and expression! Even with my slight hesitation, I moved forward in obedience to God and He certainly has not let me down! I have booked a role in a new gospel stage play called "Single Ladies Wait on Your Boaz"! This is very exciting because the play will be touring for two months throughout the South, beginning in Atlanta, so with that, I am moving there in September! This is going to be a new and exciting journey that I want YOU to share with me, so be sure to follow along with my blog along the way!

In this blog, I will explore a variety of different topics: my faith, work, passions, relationships, health, beauty, food, adventure, and all things that pertain to life! Expect a new post the 1st and 15th of each month! Come along and journey with me through the path of my life. Like you, I am not perfect, but I am choosing to take each day as it comes and learn something beautiful along the way.

So Freebies, this is LIFE...

Mikhaella Norwood

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